Our Services

At Our Songlines we focus on mindful activities that encourage cultural learnings in safe creative ways. We connect with our ancestor knowledge and provide activities based on existing knowledge, age, gender and interests.


Weaving Workshops

Weaving is an ancient Aboriginal women’s technique that dates back thousands of years. We use ethically sourced materials to make beautifully woven small baskets. Our Weave & Yarn workshops are hosted in small intimate groups to personalise the experience and ensure quality learnings. During this intimate session you will meet like minded people and connect to a safe space to learn about culture.

Online Workshops

Currently we are hosting a range of Weave & Yarn sessions to connect during Covid-19.  Weaving kits are provided by the talented Ngumpie Weaving. We are 100% Aboriginal owned and work with other First Nations businesses to provide you with an authentic experience. See Our Shop to find the latest available dates.

Private Workshops

Private workshops can be organised at request. We have limits on numbers in the online space, please contact us in the contact form at the bottom of the page.



Our Songlines teams with a number of Aboriginal and Government organisation’s to guide our young ones to pathways that makes sense to them. We connect our young ones to bush, water, earth and business to find their connection and their strengths. If you have a young one or are a young one who is looking for a safe place to learn about culture and your path we can help.

Kayla has a degree in Business (Management) and has worked as a Business Analyst for 5 years. She has also got vast experience working with 8-25 year old’s and is looking to expand that age group and assist people in finding their passion and path.


Wayapa Wuurk

Our Songlines is an accredited Wayapa Wuurk practitioner. Wayapa® is an earth connection practice that is based on ancient Indigenous wisdom that focuses on taking care of the Earth as the starting point for creating Earth Mind Body Spirit well-being.

Living in harmony with their environment is what sustained Australian Aboriginal people to be one of the world’s oldest, continuous living culture – for over 100,000 years!

Today, for most of us, we have become disconnected from our environment, from our tribe, from our food and from our Spirit. Through a combination of Earth mindfulness, narrative meditation, a series of physical movements and taking action to look after the planet, Wayapa® provides a sense of belonging to the Earth while creating holistic well-being.

Wayapa® is about creating a different lifestyle but for those just starting, it can be done as a 25 minute physical practice, sitting or standing, or as a narrative meditation to slow us right down to sit in the stillness of nature.


I absolutely love Wayapa! I’ve done a lot of mindfulness, meditation and yoga but I would have to say Wayapa is my favourite. I come away from every session feeling stretched and strengthened but also more grounded and connected to everything. 

It’s deceptively simple, journeying through seasons and moon cycles and all four elements. But it also gives an insight into the world’s most ancient and sophisticated environmental and community practices, something which feels like a sacred privilege.

Kayla runs a beautiful class. She’s so friendly and welcoming, and open to everyone’s experience. She explains all of the concepts in a really accessible way and is always happy to answer questions. My eleven year old daughter attended a session and fell in love with it. This would be an amazing practice to do as a family too.

Highly recommended!”