I was born on Larrakia land (Darwin) where I spent my younger years surrounded by my countless cousins, aunties, uncles and my Nanny and Poppa. My culture was everywhere, in how we joked, what we thought and what we sang. My first experience of being different came from my blonde hair, green eyed and white […]
My name is Nova Garnier. I am a proud Indigenous Australian with blood ties into the Torres Strait Islands and Palm Island. I grew up on Noongar Boodjar (country) in Western Australia, and am currently living on Larrakia land in Darwin, Northern Territory. I acknowledge the Larrakia people, whose land I currently reside. I thank […]
The murder of George Floyd on 25th May 2020 has rightfully enraged people from all across the world, bringing to the forefront the Black Lives Matter campaign. Here in Australia how much do we really know about Indigenous deaths in custody. In 1996 there was a royal commission into the number of deaths of black […]
Our Songlines is passionate about promoting Indigenous Culture, in these times where Australia is on fire, we need to look to our First Nations people to lead the path to old country. We had a yarn with Dr Jared Thomas and this is what he had to say. Image: Lindsay Thomas dealing with fuel load, […]
Once upon a time, the Great Ancestor spirit of Bunjil, the creator, set at work to reform the Earth. He had the task of creation. Of the lakes and the seas, the mountains and the plains, the flora, and the fauna. In this came the creation of the Grampians. As Bunjil finished with the sandstone […]
  Wish to go on vacation, away from all worries of everyday life? Want to take a walk down the corridors of Indigenous history? Desire to experience a soulful and enlightening experience? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Arnhem Land is the place to be. In 1623, a Dutch captain sailed into […]
Right in the heart of the Red Centre lies the most famous monolith of Australia – Uluru. This massive sandstone rock began to form about 550 million years ago, and gained fame due to its historical importance, as home to the Aboriginal Australians: the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people. People of these tribes reside near Uluru, […]
A different look into the documentary ‘The Final Quarter’ Adam Goodes received and is still receiving so many opinions about his actions in his final years in AFL football. Sweeping statements were made about his character, his actions and intentions. His actions were called violent, over the top and he was ridiculed for every move […]
(Sunday 7th July – Sunday 14th July) A National Celebration of all things Aboriginal & Islander. NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Initially NAIDOC began as a protest against the unfair treatment of Indigenous people in Australia. These protests date back as early as the 1920’s. Since 1991 there has been […]