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Thank you so much for clicking through to find out about our current vacancies and volunteer opportunities! This is the page where you will find out whether we are the right fit for you, and to learn more intimately about the people behind the brands. We do things a bit differently around here and operate strongly in an open and collaborative environment. So, instead of formally listing information about the roles, we are flipping this process on its head and offering a bit of information about us, who you would be reporting to, and how we can assist you in your career aspirations.

The Our Songlines brand exists to — rightfully — make Indigenous culture available for everyone. We have three brands that all fall under the Our Songlines umbrella, all with a clear and consistent mission: connect people with Indigenous culture. Our Songlines, Our Dilly Bag and Our Survival Day brands allow us to practically achieve this in three unique ways, reviving Indigenous practices, learnings, and history, original to our land. Learn more on our Our Songlines page.

Our Songlines is a start-up focusing on brave, innovative change. We are interested in people who want to make social change and think a little bit differently about how to engage and educate. We feel like a bunch of friends who work together, support each other, and are crazy passionate about making real change.


ATSI Youth Mentor position

Our Songlines is currently looking for a driven, ambitious Youth Mentor to join our team. Our Songlines teams with a number of Aboriginal and Government organisation’s to guide our youth to pathways that make sense to them. We connect our youth to bush, water, earth and business to find their connection and their strengths. If you are passionate about creating pathways for our young people, and keen to challenge yourself then this position is for you. In this position, you will provide one-on-one and group support with young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to build a trusting relationship and encourage youth on their future options, pathways, and engaging in education. Read the full position description here and apply here. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are strongly encouraged to apply.

Internship opportunities

We are super excited to offer the first-ever internship opportunities. Our talented team leads have put our brains together to develop a program that gives directly back to our community, and we have come up with FIVE opportunities! The opportunities are in the fields of Business, Operations, Marketing, Event Management, and Content Writing.

But if you want to see more about potential positions you can see the position description here

Positions close Sunday 7 March 2021.

Kayla, Founder.

She/her. Gurindji. Entrepreneur, Business Analyst, Change Maker.

A short and direct woman, with a wam heart, Kayla has a background in business analytics and management, with tertiary education in commerce and property. Kayla has worked within a government environment for over a decade and has an innovative and entrepreneurial mind. Super open, friendly, and considered, she will come up with cutting-edge ideas, which keeps the team on their toes. Kayla is passionate about cultural safety, human rights and equal opportunities, and this is evident in everything she does. 
A mentor to youth on the Mornington Peninsula, working within Kinaway (Victorian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce), contributing to the board of Nairm Marr Djambana (a local gathering place), Kayla donates so much of her personal time and resources to developing programs and services that promote Indigenous economy and she is looking for a driven and social-conscious person to work alongside her.

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Yali, Content Lead.

She/her. Wiradjuri and Dharawhal. The heart, the words, and the spirit.

Yali (also known as Yaliilan and Leanne) is a proud Wiradjuri Dharawal woman, with kinship and personal ties to many of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Yali is passionate about improving Human Rights and believes all Indigenous people have the right to know and practice language, traditions, knowledge, and ways of life that were once undertaken.
Yali has worked in a variety of government, private industries and organisations, which allows her to be open-minded and work with an array of diverse people, whilst bringing broad experience, knowledge, and skills. Yali has been mentoring in a professional and capacity for most of her life, as she loves nothing more than seeing others succeed and live out their aspirations. Yali has a background in nursing, allied health, administration, mentoring and mental health, with a Masters in Aboriginal Studies, Graduate Certificate Language, Heritage and Culture, Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Indigenous Studies – minoring in Justice Studies and Indigenous Languages), Auslan Certificate I, Certificate III Mentoring Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander People and Diploma of Aboriginal Studies for community and professional practice. 
Nothing makes Yali happier than seeing others being successful, chasing their dreams and goals and knowing there are supporters behind an individual assisting to stay the course. It is Yali’s dream to travel the world, learning and teaching many and leaving hope, love and empowerment wherever her feet step.

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Britt, Operations Lead.

She/her. Ally. Living on Bunorong/Bunworrung land. The organisation’s ‘how’. Britt turns dreams and ideas into reality.

2020 for Brittanie, along with the majority of Victoria, has been a year of growth and change. She has been working in local government administration for the last four years, and in the past 18 months has been persistently working towards aligning her passion for defending human rights and equal opportunities, with her career path. This year Brittanie put her business degree on hold to begin her studies in community services and social science — something that has exposed her to some invaluable learning experiences
Brittanie has worn several varied hats. During her time working as Social Media and Community Manager with Brooke, she turned her local government experience into tangible skills for the private sector, through strategic communication management and online community development. From conducting market and marketing research, coordinating freelancing teams, task scheduling, and project management, Brittanie is a strong, resilient empath and is passionate about advocating on behalf of others!

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Brooke, Marketing Lead.

She/her. Ally. Living on Wurundjeri land. Creative goddess, strategic-innovative marketing.

Brooke is an incredibly talented dreamer who thinks up the most innovative ideas. All of the brilliant marketing that you’ve seen from our branding has most likely been sculpted from her mind.  Clear, precise, and driven, Brooke has a million things going on at once and has complete control over all of them. As we describe her in-house a ‘calm and controlling nature’.
Brooke’s portfolio stretches all over the world and she has a wealth of knowledge to pass on. This includes recently working on sustainable development campaigns for the United Nations in Switzerland, which she has continued to do from Melbourne during the pandemic, as well as coordinating publishing for travel books at Lonely Planet. An insanely strategic thinker, Brooke’s superpower is bringing creatives from different walks of life together to cultivate fun brand narratives, from creative concepts to visionary content plans.

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Michael, Event Lead.

He/him. Ally. Living on Bunorong/Bunworrung land. Our personal rock-star, from lead singer to behind the scenes. He knows his shit.

Michael joined Our Songlines looking to help make a difference for the community, in which he works and lives. As a passionate musician, youth worker and event coordinator, Michael hopes to create opportunities for connection and growth for First Nations people and their allies.
Michael has worked in local government and the non-for profit sector engaging youth and young people in employment, music, social connection, and intervention programs for the last decade. His ability to work together with disengaged people through music is a highlight of his abilities in this area.
Leading a team of staff and volunteers at the recent Our Survival Day event on January 26 2020 was something Michael found to be a life-changing experience “To play a part in creating an event like this is such an honour. So many people were craving a place to go on Jan 26 to be together. I feel like we were all able to engage in the important message that was underlying the focus of Our Survival Day.”
Michael will continue to work with Kayla and the team to create opportunities for First Nations people and their allies to come together in the fight for survival, the chance to connect with indigenous culture and history, as well as providing a safe space for everyone to grow and learn.

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Anu, Visual lead.

He/him. Ally. Living on Wurundjeri land. Photographer, precise, holistic, visionary, and probably the warmest man you will ever meet.

To get to know Anu’s creative mind you are best to check out his incredible work here
Born a foreigner in a foreign land, Anuradha Abeysekera (1985) spent his childhood together with his Sri Lankan family in the most multicultural city of Italy during the 90s – Milan. Growing up between the grey buildings of the Italian city and its colourful inhabitants, he soon realizes that there is much to see in this world, and even more to tell. Moving to London to tinker with art photography feels almost natural, and after getting a degree at the Contemporary Media Practice faculty of Westminster University, Anu takes his first steps in the art milieu of the city as curator first and as fully-fledged artist later on. 
When the urge for wider skies hits him, he decides to embark on a two-years long project throughout Asia to further test himself and his storytelling abilities. Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Sri Lanka, all get captured by his shutter and are exhibited around the world. Starting from 2015, Anu relocates to Melbourne, Australia, where he is currently carrying on his work as documentary photographer with a penchant for social issues.

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