Our Songlines

Sharing our ancestors history, stories and culture with the world.

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About Us

Our Vision


Our Songlines is a social enterprise which has a vision to connect the world with the oldest living culture. We aim to design a responsive and dynamic platform that allows users to interact with our land, stories and most importantly, share in its experiences. 

Our Name


A Songline is a traditional song or story which our people have used to navigate their own traditional country since time began. It helps us understand where we belong, and our dreamtime stories. We are proud to use this term in deep pride for our people and traditions.

Our Community


Community is the core of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander culture and this is our way of sharing it with the world. Our Songlines is an organisation, created by a team of passionate Indigenous Australians. We strive to share our ancestor's knowledge and stories in the hope to bring about reconciliation and compassion to our people.